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Summer Tour Book

Summer Tour Book

The Program Souvenir book raises funds to support Amma's Tours in USA. This year, we are producing a digital Souvenir book to commemorate Amma's return to USA after a break of more 4 years. The book will have a collection of advertisements from those who wish to thank Amma for coming to see us, just thanking Amma for her compassion and the innumerable humanitarian activities that cross borders, or simply acknowledging her spiritual guidance in our daily lives.

Support the Tour Souvenir - Help raise funds to organize the programs. Make it possible for tens of thousands of people to experience Amma's inspirational message.

More about the Souvenir book

Go to this link to pay for your ad/to participate in the Program Souvenir book: Pay for your ad/contribute >


  • Featured in the program halls using QR codes
  • Added to the program cities' web pages and other media, including their weekly newsletters, for the next 6 months.

Email for more details

Note: We are not accepting business ads this year Only personal or group/community pranam ads welcoming Amma.