The only way to put an end to the ruler of these negative thoughts and emotions is to develop awareness.
Real life is developed from within. Real living means that the soul expresses itself through all one's thoughts, words and actions. A person becomes fearless once he understands the nature of the imperishable soul.
Constant remembrance of God, irrespective of time and place, is real devotion.
Look carefully, see what is of value in others, and respect that.
Relaxation is a technique through which you can catch a glimpse of your real nature.
The mind always has expectations. In order to experience pure consciousness, this nature of the mind must disappear.
We have a treasure within us which we will never lose, and which no one can steal.  But we will not get it by searching outside.  We have to look inside.
Drop all your regrets of the past and relax. Relaxation will help you acquire more strength and vitality.