Through spiritual thoughts, we gain power and cultivate strong minds. God represents all good qualities, such as self-sacrifice, love and compassion.
Selfless service strengthens the mind so that you can overcome any situation in life.
Creating fear and respect in order to teach obedience cannot be called disciplining. True constructive disciplining takes place when love is allowed to blossom.
When karma (action) is performed with awareness and compassion as its driving force, it accelerates one’s spiritual journey.
True happiness is when the love within us finds its expression through external activities.
The vision of God is possible with the power that is gained through concentration of the mind.  At that time we will come to know that God is everywhere, everything is God.
True happiness is when the love that is within us finds expression in external activities.
Even if we have everything, if there is no mental peace, we cannot lead a happy life.