We should acquire control of the mind and possess the power to stop it, like the brakes of a new car reduce the speed and stop the vehicle whenever necessary.
Only those who are humble can receive God's grace.  In someone who perceives God's presence in everything, there is no room for the ego.  So the first quality we need to develop within ourselves is humility.
What is to be done in order to obtain peace? We should live our life understanding and discriminating between the eternal and the non-eternal.
In today's world, human beings are dying and human machines are taking birth.
If we continuously maintain Self-awareness, we will be able to experience peace and happiness.
Selfless service strengthens the mind so that you can overcome any situation in life.
Even if we have everything, if there is no mental peace, we cannot lead a happy life.
Divinity lies dormant in everyone. By trying to awaken the divinity in others, we are, in fact, awakening the divinity within ourselves.