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More than 1,000 Clean-up Drives Nationwide
In Kerala, where the campaign was first launched, clean-up drives have been conducted in every major town and city. Public Health
Environmental Awareness Campaign
The campaign is working to make people more aware of the need to avoid littering, spitting and urinating in public. Public Health
Cleaning Public Parks
There has been a special emphasis on restoring the beauty of public parks and natural settings.

What We've Accomplished

The Amala Bharatam Campaign has the potential to have a powerful impact on India’s public health goals. Lack of sanitation is the world’s leading cause of infection. It aims to improve public health and restore India’s physical beauty. By cleaning India’s public spaces, promoting health through hygiene, sorting garbage, recycling, and properly disposing of waste, awareness of this campaign has reached millions.

More than 1,000 clean-up drives have been undertaken on the fourth Sunday of each month, which has been designated as Clean Sunday. Through ABC, volunteers are cleaning public areas, constructing public toilets and spreading awareness in schools regarding the proper way to dispose of trash. Handkerchiefs have been distributed to more than one million school children. Teaching them to use them instead of spitting on the ground.

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    Clean-up Drive in Delhi
    In India's capital, government officials worked side by side with ordinary citizens to clean city streets.
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    One Million Handkerchiefs
    Amma demonstrates how to use a handkerchief instead of spitting on the ground, to preserve public health.
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    High-Level Support
    IPCC Chairman Dr. Rajendra Pachauri lends his support to help raise awareness about public health issues.
Amala Bharatham Campaign