Empowering Women

Amma.org: Empowering Women
Vocational Training in Tribal Areas
Our trainers reach the remotest and most disadvantaged communities. Many of the women find jobs for the first time in their lives.
Amma.org: Empowering Women
Self-Help Groups
We have set up more than 13,000 Self-Help Groups for more than 200,000 women. Each group receives vocational training, start-up capital, & microfinance support.
Amma.org: Empowering Women
Wide Variety of Training Courses
We listen to each community to identify community needs and train the women accordingly. Graduates of the course start their own businesses.
Amma.org: Empowering Women
Paying it Forward
Course participants are encouraged to "pay it forward" by contributing to their communities; tailors donate school uniforms for poor children.

What We've Accomplished

Vocational Training for 200,000 Women

To equip economically vulnerable women with the skills and means to set up cottage industries, more than 13,500 self groups for women across India and 1,000 groups in the nearby Andaman Islands have been established.

Microcredit Loans Get Them Started

So far, ETW has helped a million women receive microcredit loans -- benefitting more than 100,000 families.

Life & Accident Insurance to Protect their Family's Future

Every member of the self help groups has been enrolled in a plan with the Life Insurance Corporation of India. As part of the agreement, the insurance company also provides scholarships to 15% of the policyholder's children. Each year, these scholarships will rotate, so every family can benefit.

Ammachi Labs Women Empowerment Program

The WE Project was funded jointly by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) and Amrita University. During an 18-month period (2012-2014),the WE Project offered computerized Vocational Education and Training(cVET) and Life Enrichment Education (LEE), to women with low levels of literacy living in remote and impoverished communities, reached 3,136 women in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu plus over 900 in other states totaling over 4000 women. Read More


  • Amma.org: Empowering Women
    Affordable Insurance
    Each of the 100,000 women in our self-help groups has been granted affordable life- and accident insurance.
  • Amma.org: Empowering Women
    Training for 100,000 Home Nurses
    We launched a program to train 100,000 home nurses, empowering women with skills that are in high demand.
Empowering Women