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Lifetime Financial Aid for Widows and the Disabled
We are currently providing lifetime financial aid for more than 55,000 people living in poverty, with a special focus on widows and the disabled. Community Outreach
Care Homes for the Elderly
We currently run four care homes for the elderly in India. The care homes have a family atmosphere. Community Outreach
Free Meditation Courses for Everyone
Amma's meditation technique is taught free of charge to the public, students, prisoners - and to the 1.3 million members of India's paramilitary. Community Outreach
International Youth Movement
Our service-oriented youth movement, AYUDH, is active in India, Africa, Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.

What We've Accomplished

Monthly Pensions for 50,000 Widows, the Disabled & Victims of Poverty

Recognizing that due to a loss or injury, people in the developing world can easily be consigned to a lifetime of hardship, these pensions don't expire - they are for life. Ultimately, 100,000 men, women and children will receive monthly pensions.

Care homes for the Elderly

They come for refuge or to spend their final years in a tranquil spiritual ambiance. These four care homes also hold community functions & cultural programs.

Sponsored Weddings for the Poor

In India, marriage is essential for the stability of the entire family. For decades, Amma has sponsored weddings, providing all the items necessary for a traditional service.

Hospital Visits and Meals on Wheels

Volunteers throughout the works visit hospitals, nursing homes and the elderly and in firm in their own homes.

An International Service-Oriented Youth Movement

Since it's launch in 1985, youth projects have been initiated in India, Africa, Europe, the United States, Australia and Japan.

  • Community Outreach
    Sponsored Weddings
    For decades, we have provided financial aid to afford impoverished couples a traditional wedding.
  • Community Outreach
    Slum Clean-up in Kenya
    Kenyan AYUDH members work side by side with local teenagers to clean up slums in Nairobi.
  • Community Outreach
    Acting Locally with Seed Banks
    In 2006, we distributed seeds to 5,000 families living in the vicinity of our international headquarters.
  • Community Outreach
    Focusing on Widows
    The bulk of our lifetime financial aid project targets widows. India is home to more than 55 million widows.
Community Outreach