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AYUDH Outreach - St. Anthonys Kitchen
"I feel like I'm putting Amma's teachings in practice." - AYUDH participant.    On September 1, 2013, AYUDH Bay Area volunteered at St. Anthony's Volunteer Kitchen to serve 2,600+ meals to the hungry in honor of Amma's 60th Birthday. The meals served feed individuals and families who have slipped through the safety net: veterans, seniors, the working poor, homeless and low-income residents.  A fundamental component of the Dining Room  is to welcome each guest with dignity and respect. AYUDH is thankful for the opportunity to have this opportunity. More to come... AYUDH Programs for Youth
Personal Development
Personal development through spiritual practices such as meditation help us discover and develop our creativity and inner potential. AYUDH Programs for Youth
Growin - One Seed at a Time
AYUDH launched its first international initiative called Growin One Seed at a Time. Encouraging youth to grow their own & save seeds. AYUDH Programs for Youth
Intercultural Exchange
AYUDH holds annual camps to which all members are welcome to come and participate.

What We Do

AYUDH is the international youth wing of Embracing the World, a global network of charitable activities created by Amma. AYUDH – Amrita Yuva Dharma Dhara - can freely be translated from Sanskrit as “the youth who perpetuate the wheel of righteousness."

AYUDH was founded in 2001 and is active in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It is open for youth between 15- 30 years of age from all religions, social and cultural backgrounds. AYUDH is active in the following fields:

Social Service:

Through voluntary engagement we wish to contribute to our local communities. By putting compassion into action we want to be the starting point of change.

  • Spending time with elderly and handicapped people
  • Caring for handicapped people
  • Blood donation camps
  • Anti drug campaigns
  • Fundraising events

Green Initiatives:

By promoting a sustainable and environment friendly lifestyle we wish to preserve and protect the earth and live in respect of nature.

  • GrowIn’ project to inspire youth to grow their own vegetables
  • Tree planting
  • Trash cleanup
  • National Park Restoration
  • Bee cultivation
  • Plastics Project -converting waste into useful products
  • Eco-awareness campaigns

Personal Empowerment:

AYUDH provides youth with the opportunity to acquire skills in project management and international teamwork. Our programs help young people to develop and express their creative and innovative potential, gain inner strength and balance.

  • Leadership programs
  • Talks and discussions
  • Yoga and awareness programs
  • Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique ® for Youth – free meditation classes
  • Intercultural Exchange
  • AYUDH helps building bridges between youth from different cultures, religions and social backgrounds. It provides a global network of young people who share the ambition to create a better world.

Co-facilitating inter-religious peace initiatives:

Co-facilitating inter-religious peace initiatives: International youth camps in Europe, North America and Australia.  The week-long summer camp in Europe is AYUDH’s largest annual event with a variety workshops and creative activities. AYUDH's US camps occur both on the East Coast and West coast featuring variety of talks, Social service projects, meditation, music & bhajan workshops.

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