GreenFriends: San Ramon, California
With the help of over 400 volunteers, GreenFriends Farm has planted 500 fruit trees in three years.
GreenFriends: Boston, Massachusetts
The 'Backyard Gardens' initiative inspired participants to plant vegetable, fruit and flower gardens at their homes for a greener future.
GreenFriends: Edmond, Oklahoma
Volunteers presented 'Feed Your Dirt & Grow Your Soil' to 6,000 students, teachers and parents at libraries and Oklahoma City Zoo's ScienceFest.
GreenFriends: Santa Fe, New Mexico
In addition to an orchard, terraced veggie garden, and herb garden, volunteers have built a greenhouse to grow edible plants.

What We Do

Founded in 2001, GreenFriends is the international environmental initiative of Embracing the World. It's a volunteer-based movement that promotes environmental awareness and participation at the individual and community levels. GreenFriends seeks to inspire people to serve and protect nature, so that all life-forms may live in harmony upon the Earth.

Anybody can join one of our local chapters and become a 'GreenFriend' by emailing us at Visit GreenFriends North America to see the latest activities in North America. We are involved in the following green projects:


  • Fruit tree planting
  • Coniferous & deciduous tree planting
  • Vegetable & flower gardening in rural lands
  • Greening cities by building urban gardens
  • Greenhouse gardening


  • Permaculture designs for farms
  • Soil & land restoration
  • Erosion prevention
  • Rain water catchment
  • Bee cultivation
  • Solar power initiatives
  • Plastics Project - converting waste into useful products


  • Soil Food Web courses
  • Permaculture courses
  • Holistic Management courses
  • Pruning Workshops
  • Grafting Workshops
  • Growing Tulasi (Holy Basil) Workshops
  • Community campaigning to reduce waste & recycle
  • Teaching children about growing plants


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News About GreenFriends

Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada
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Toronto, Canada
Many hands make light work in the gardens and orchard