Albuquerque, NM

Amma in Albuquerque

Welcome to the Albuquerque Satsang

Regular spiritual gatherings, also called Satsang, are held the fourth Saturday of each month. Archana is offered prior to this at 4:00 PM. The program includes chanting, devotional singing (bhajans), spiritual talks, meditation, prayer, arati and then closing prayers, followed by a vegetarian potluck meal. For any other requests or information please email the Satsang coordinator, Maya Tripura Fernandez or call 505-203-8631, or Mimi Maitri Levine (text) 801-618-6173, (currently, satsang is held at Mimi’s house).

Mother's Kitchen "Burrito Project" generally meets on the second Saturday of the month in Rio Rancho. We assemble 108 burritos that are then delivered to the homeless along with chocolate chip cookies and bottled water. For information on how you can help with Mother's Kitchen, email Surupa and Mahadev Levine or call them at 505-994-8334.

"Amrita Book Club" meets monthly to read and discuss a book chosen by Amma Herself. Please feel free to contact Sylvia at 505-220-9535 (text or call) for further information.

"Amrita Bala Kendra" - Spiritual classes for children aged 4 years to 16 years based on Amma’s teachings, the program tries to give children an understanding of spiritual principles through slokhas, bhajans , stories and seva projects. The Bala Kendra program focuses on values, traditions, and spiritual practices. For further information,  please contact Aparna Levine at (505) 227-7765.

"Amma’s Pantry Project" encourages donations of non-perishable food items and donates them to local food banks. The items are brought to the satsang meeting and disbursed from there.

IAM (Integrated Amrita Meditation) Meditation classes are offered regularly in the Albuquerque area. Click here for the current schedule of classes.

We are the Albuquerque branch of the Amma Center of New Mexico, which is located in Santa Fe, NM, and often participate in volunteer activities at the Amma Center.

  • Children are always welcome to attend and participate.
  • Albuquerque satsang members participate in planning, preparing and organizing Amma's Tour visit to New Mexico in the summer. Everyone is encouraged and welcome to participate in this selfless service.
  • The group has a lending library featuring Amma's teachings as well as devotional music and other spiritual books. Please inquire if interested.

If you would like to receive updates from the Albuquerque Satsang, please visit