Bailey, Colorado

Welcome to the Bailey Satsang

Located in a private home in a rural area in the Rocky Mountains, about one hour southwest of Denver, the Bailey Satsang is accessible for the physically challenged.  At our elevation of approximately 8,800 feet above sea level, surrounded by aspen, ponderosa pine, deer and elk, many find it easy to feel connected to nature, fellow spiritual aspirants and the Divine Mother.

We begin our satsang program with the Dhyana Sloka followed by either the 108 Names of Devi or Amma.  Then we have readings from Amma's teachings followed by a short discussion,  often including sharing experiences that we have had with Amma.  We also make announcements regarding ashram news, upcoming events or projects.  Next we sing devotional songs called bhajans, encouraging those who play a musical instrument to augment our singing with their talents.  Then, we perform arati to Amma and then have a short meditation, ending with closing prayers and prasad.

After the program we gather for a potluck vegetarian lunch and watching videos of Amma.  This relaxed time together frequently leads to more sharing of experiences, fostering a feeling of community and connectedness.  This is also a perfect time for brainstorming ideas for fund raisers and events.

Newcomers and children are always welcome.  For further information, please contact Holly or Peter at (303) 838-2381.