Cape Coral, Florida

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Welcome to Amma's Southwest Florida Satsang

Our satsang meets most months in either Cape Coral or Bonita Springs, Florida on the second Sunday of the month at 4:00PM. We gather from a number of cities around the Southwest Florida area. You may call (480) 290-0231 to get directions and information on the upcoming meeting.

Satsang is preceded by chanting the 1000 Names of the Divine Mother at 2:45PM. We begin our satsang program at 4:00 PM with sharing announcements, followed by chanting the Dhyana Sloka and the 108 names of Amma. Then we continue with a reading from Amma’s teachings. After a short video of Amma, everyone participates in singing and playing devotional music followed by Arati, closing prayers, and a short meditation.
Satsang is followed by a potluck vegetarian meal.

We are involved in several community service projects and some of Amma’s programs:

  • Bootstrap Ministries for the Homeless for whom we collect and prepare food donations for 50-70 meals for the homeless and the needy every Monday.
  • Café of Life, where surplus organic fruit and vegetables gathered from local organic farmers in Bonita Springs are distributed to feed the homeless and the needy.
  • We offer IAM-20 meditation classes twice a year in our area.
  • We host Br. Ramanand, Director of M.A. Centers and activities in the eastern US and Canada, during his annual Florida Spring Tour.
  • Many of us sign on for helping with Amma’s summer US tour in Atlanta or Washington D.C., according to individual time, skills and preferences.

We warmly welcome everyone to join us. To be on our mailing list, please contact us at
Sumitra and Yogesh