Eugene, Oregon Eugene
Amma Sings!

Welcome to the Eugene Satsang

Our Eugene group stays in contact through email, gatherings such as potlucks, and through serving our community by:

  • Meeting three times a month to practice devotional songs (bhajans), chant arcana (1000 names of the Divine Mother) and have Satsang, share stories and community event information and enjoy a vegetarian potluck afterwards. These events are held at Everyday People Yoga and individual devotees' homes.
  • Participate in community clean-ups (cleaning up trash in various areas).
  • Cook and serve lunch at the Community Supported Shelters homeless camps.
  • Writing letters to those incarcerated offering them hope and friendship.

Our inspiration is Amma. She teaches us to serve others, stay positive, treat each other kindly, and support each other and our community. We are a group of friends ranging in age and background who cultivate good thoughts, prayers, and actions to lovingly support others.

For more information please email Pujita Mayeda at