M.A. Center New England

Tree-planting for Earth Month

For Earth Month, embrace trees as Amma would!

Embracing the Trees North America was born in 2021, inspired by Amma's call for more trees to be planted all over the world. Our New England branch wants to support you to participate in fulfilling Amma's prayer and resolve.

For Earth Month, environmental groups throughout New England have organized tree-planting activities. Is there an event near you in the list below? We encourage you to participate, invoking Amma's prayer and resolve through your action, and infusing these trees with Her blessing and love.

Bring a friend or family member to multiply the joy.

Let us know about your participation, and we'll include your activity in our report for Amma!

If you are a resident or business owner in any of the following Massachusetts cities/towns, you can request free trees (ranging in size from 6-10 feet) to be planted on your property. This initiative is part of the MA Urban Canopy Project:
Brockton: 617-626-1503
Chelsea: 617-626-1459
Chicopee: 617-626-1473
Everett: 617-626-1459
Fall River: 617-626-1571
Fitchburg: 617-626-1514
Haverhill: 617-626-1516
Holyoke: 617-626-1473
Lawrence: 978-974-0770, x7016
Leominster: 617-626-1514
Lowell: 617-626-1516
Lynn: 617-626-1502
Malden: 617-626-1456
New Bedford: 617-626-1571
Pittsfield: 617-626-1515
Quincy: 617-626-1570
Revere: 617-626-1459
Salem: 617-626-1502
Springfield: 413-736-3111
Taunton: 617-626-1503
Westfield: 617-626-1473
Worcester: 617-626-1458

With gratitude for Her joyful example of care for Mother Nature,

Embracing the Trees New England