Amritavarsham 70 - Amma's 70th Birthday Participation

Amritavarsham 70 - Participate by sending your love to Amma

As you all know, Amritavarsham70, is fast approaching. We want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in this very special event. Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri has suggested the following way.

We will create and screen, a video collage of 10-second birthday messages to Amma from you, from all of you all over the world. You can make as many videos as you want from the different countries.

Video Specifications:

• All birthday video messages should be a maximum 10 seconds long.
• Video format should be landscape, if possible 16:9 format.

• Each video should feature a placard in print or drawn/painted format that says, in English, one of the four following messages:

• “Amma, thank you for being in our lives.”
• “We love you, Amma.”
•  “Thank you, Amma.”
• “Happy Birthday, Amma.”

After these few words you can add in writing "from Paris" or "from Kuala Lumpur" (if for instance you do the video in Paris or Kuala Lumpur), to indicate your location.

• During the video you should say out loud the following sentence in their local language: “Thank you Amma, for 70 years of torrential grace.”

Please send your video through this online form ( as much as possible before September 20th. If not possible, before September 24th evening (IST). The size of the video should be max 100 Mb, in good quality.