C20 2023 - Amma is requesting participation

You may be well aware of Amma's appointment as the Chair of C20 (c20.amma.org) for 2022-2023 by the Government of India, which took up the presidency of the G20 for the year.
G20 (www.g20.org) is an intergovernmental forum comprising of 19 countries (including the USA, Canada, and Mexico) and the European Union. C20 (www.civil20.net) is an official engagement group under the G20, which acts as a bridge between the world leaders of the G20, the civil society, and the social issues it faces.

As one of the initiatives under the C20, Amma requests her global family, mainly those from the Western countries (or those living in the G20 countries) who have qualifications in Social Work, equivalent degrees, or hands-on experience doing social work, to do the following:

1. Study the grassroots-level problems of people in G20 countries

2. Submit a report based on these findings

Amma's organization in your respective country can cover the basic travel, food, and accommodation expenses. The work will include conducting Key Informant Interviews and surveys. Specific details of the work (including questionnaires) will be provided to you.

Please send your name, email address and phone number to c20chairindia@gmail.com and c20outreachNA@gmail.com if you have the aforementioned qualifications.

We understand that it may not be practical to travel to all G20 countries within a short period of time. Hence, we will try to cover as many countries/cities possible. We look forward to working with you.

Amma was appointed by the Govt. of India as the Chair of Civil 20 (C20), an official engagement group of the Group of 20 (G20), that functions as a platform for civil society organizations (CSOs) on a global scale to bring forth non-government and non-business voices to the G20 leaders.

Read Amma’s message to India’s C20 team here > 
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