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New - The Circle of Giving app on Google play

The Circle of Giving - A value based game for inspired by Amma's teachings

The Circle of Giving app - now available on Google play

A first ever values-based game for children inspired by Amma’s teachings.
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Amma has graciously launched The Circle Of Giving mobile app and spent a few minutes playing the game, sharing with those around her. She has always underscored the importance of giving young children a strong foundation of values at a receptive age. With this in mind, The Circle of Giving was developed by the Amrita School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Amrita University.

The university created the game to help awaken children’s inner capacity to face life’s challenges with inner strength and self-confidence. It instills the values of love, caring for nature, kindness, respect, sharing, giving, joy, and patience. Parents can also enjoy playing along with their children and connect to their inner innocence.

The app will be given to all Amrita Vidyalayams (the MA Math’s elementary schools), Amrita Serve villages (the self-reliant villages project), and our partners working for child protection. More than one hundred volunteers from across India and abroad—grandparents to children—lovingly contributed to making this game a reality.

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