M.A.Center, Atlanta

12 Source Reduction Actions of My Everyday Life


  1. Remember: you can’t “throw anything away”.  There is no “AWAY”! There’s no “DISPOSABLE” either!
  2. Carry your own bags to every store. When buying loose produce, I use EVERT-FRESH GREEN BAGS. (www.everetfresh.com) they are reusable for years and keep produce fresh for a week in the refrigerator. When they wear out, repurpose them for storage bags or trash bags.
  3. Use Stainless steel or BPA free non-disposable water bottles.
  4. Refuse plastic straws! Explain to the wait staff and management how serious an issue this is for marine life.  Ask them to stop serving them. There are paper straws if customers insist.
  5. Use powdered laundry soap from a cardboard box. It’s getting more difficult to find.
  6. Bon Ami powdered cleanser comes in a fully recyclable paper/steel container and is safe for you and the environment.
  7. Use bars of soap and shampoo. Avoid liquids that come in plastic. Check out jrligget.com.
  8. Avoid oils in plastic; they absorb the chemicals in the plastic and create more waste. Same with nut butters. Get every food product you can in glass.
  9. If you have no choice in a restaurant or at an event, and are given plastic cups and/or utensils, take them home to wash and reuse. For years.
  10. When your towels and washcloths wear out, cut them into rages. Forget paper towels; they aren’t necessary.
  11. Cloth napkins, not paper. They are pretty and last for years. When they wear out, they become part of your rag collection.
  12. Cotton  handkerchiefs, not tissues.

This is just to get started. 

In Amma,

Vallabha | Ocala, FL