M.A.Center, Atlanta

Amma Athens Satsang Working with Jubilee Partners to Create a Better World

In addition to taking the Reduction Challenge and implementing more recycling opportunities at the location where our Satsang meets, at the Healing Arts Centre, we are in the process of forming an alliance with Jubilee Partners:
  • Jubilee Partners is an intentional Christian service community in rural northeast Georgia. Their foundational ministry is the Refugee Program, through which they have hosted over 3,000 refugees from more than 30 war-torn countries around the world. 
  • They also work against the death penalty, feeling it contrary to the spirit and teachings of Jesus. By visiting prisoners, helping their families, and speaking about Christ consciousness, they work to change attitudes about this issue.
  • They engage in peace and justice work.  They have organized delegations to places of conflict, have taken medicine to Iraqi children's hospitals, work to promote interracial friendship in our own part of the world, write and speak widely about peacemaking - all in an effort to be active followers of Jesus in a world that badly needs the hope that he brought to us.
  • Lastly, they take care of the land, seeking to be good stewards of the resources God provides. They grow as much of their own organic food as possible.

We plan to help them in any and every way that we can.

-Amma Athens Satsang