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5 Ways MA Center Atlanta is Implementing Source Reduction

| Aum Amriteswaryai Namah |

Since the launch of the GreenFriends source reduction campaign, we are thrilled to see so much participation. Thank you everyone for your efforts. The following article highlights some of the steps we've taken towards our goals in source reduction:


1. Forming a Recycling Program for Hard-to-recycle Items

We have set-up a recycling program for hard to recycle items such as grocery bags, styrofoam, batteries, light bulbs and Brita filters. We will serve as a collection Point for such items at the Center and deliver them to authorized recycling centers in our area. We welcome all to reduce their waste by bringing such items to the Center for this recycling effort.

2. Conducting an Ashram Audit for Plastic 

We conducted an audit of plastic items in MA Center Atlanta. The audit was done by an unbiased volunteer, with instructions to simply identify any plastic items throughout the ashram main building. The auditor found 269 eventually disposable items (but not annually disposable) and 238 long-term items such as plastic storage bins. In addition, we estimated an annual plastic footprint of roughly 200 for the Center. 
ACTION TAKEN: The flowers we use at the Ashram come in clear, thin plastic packaging. This accounted for 160 of our annual plastic footprint. We have arranged with the supplier to return this packaging to them so that they could be reused for future deliveries. Furthermore, we're working on ways to encourage consideration of plastic alternatives when bringing donations to the ashram. 

3. Participating in the ABK Scavenger Hunt 

Our ABK kids were given a "plastic scavenger hunt" to take home. The items in the scavenger hunt were selected mainly to increase awareness of the prominence of plastic in every-day-use items that the kids could relate to.

4. Together, Dedicating Time to Cultivate Awareness

We have been dedicating at least 10 mins each satsang to discuss source reduction:


5. Bringing Awareness to Others 

In an effort to show support of a song created by Gunavati at MA Center D.C. , one of our bhajan coordinators is organizing a version of "We've Got the Health of the World in Our Hands", to be recorded on Mar 31. This video will be shared on social media in an effort to bring the message of source reduction to the public at large. If you'd like to take part, please contact Amritesh at amritesh108@gmail.com

More updates to follow. 
May All Beings Everywhere Be Peaceful and Happy | Aum Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Do you have any recommendations for plastic reduction to share? Send it in  to macenteratlanta@ammagroups.org .

This article was posted in response to the GreenFriends 3 Step Plastic Challenge.