M.A.Center, Atlanta

Small Things Matter | A Devotee's Response to Plastic Reduction

After having read our Beloved Amma's message,  it keeps on coming to my mind wherever I go for shopping. It makes me feel guilty to carry groceries in plastic bags now... which is a good sign, a harbinger to start using cloth reusable shopping bags. At Sprouts, for organic vegetables, we are required to use a green plastic bag to indicate its organic. That is the only thing I cannot avoid, since I have to comply with it. 
Furthermore, I used to buy at least 6 cases of 16oz 32 pack water bottles at Costco. It comes handy to take it out. Now, I reduced it to just 1 and will slowly stop it. Additionally, I have begun to fully utilize my Brita water filter pitcher.  
Small things matter, when each individual does it - this small thing  can become so large, and  the scope of impact could be global. Beautiful! Hence, it is important to do what we can by following our beloved Amma's words! 
- Satsang Member, MA Center Atlanta 
Do you have a personal story to tell about how you are working to address the problem with plastic? Send it in (preferably with photos) to macenteratlanta@ammagroups.org .
This story was submitted in response to the GreenFriends 3 Step Plastic Challenge.