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Ashram Organic Vegetable Garden - Sevites Needed

Ashram Garden
Ashram Garden

Amma has been talking about gardening and doing activities for Mother Nature throughout her World Tours.  We have a blessed opportunity to do this in Amma’s Ashram Organic Garden.
No gardening experience necessary. 
Last year Amma's ashram organic vegetable garden was so productive and beautiful thanks to the loving care of many sevites and we need sevites again this year, especially on Saturdays.

The weekly schedule is:
   Tuesdays 5-6:30pm (Weeding and garden maintenance)
   Thursdays 9-11am (Weeding and garden maintenance)
   Saturdays 1-3pm (Weeding and harvesting)
It's helpful to know when people are coming so please sign up on the schedule posted in the hallway in the ashram or you can contact Mangala