Mount Shasta, CA

Majestic Mount Shasta

Welcome to the Mount Shasta Satsang

Amma visited Mount Shasta on her first North American Tour in 1987. Some members of our spiritual gathering, or satsang, were there to meet Amma for the first time. This wonderful experience is now part of our spiritual heritage.

The Mount Shasta Amma Satsang meets on the first Sunday of every month, from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. Our gathering includes chanting, devotional singing (Bhajans), meditation, and the sharing of Amma's teachings. All gatherings are followed by a vegetarian potluck.

Whether you are a resident of the Mount Shasta area or a visitor from faraway lands, please come visit and share in our regular gathering. Contact Chidanand and Kavyashri Hogstrom at (530) 926-9872