Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the Portland Satsang

Amma's Portland-based spiritual community invites you to come and share the heart opening wisdom practices offered to the world by our beloved teacher Amma. There are a number of ways to get involved with our activities, from feeding the hungry every Sunday afternoon, to joining together for devotional singing and meditations Sunday evenings.

Sunday Satsang:

We gather most Sundays at different locations in the Portland metropolitan area. Email Rene or Bhagavati for up to date information. The schedule is typically as follows: 4 PM Chanting the 108 Names of Amma and the 1000 Names of Devi 5 PM Singing Devotional Songs (Bhajans) 6:45P M Arati and Closing Prayers. 

The Portland Mothers’ Kitchen Team

Mother's Kitchen has been consistently active since 2006, with over 50 volunteers (sevites) supporting various work projects for hunger-relief, disaster-relief and clothing and resource drives. 

The team has cooked, served and transported food, created Compassion Bags for victims of hurricane Katrina, sent comforters to Sioux Indian reservations, organized clothing and hygiene drives, provided propane tanks, building materials and emotional support to thousands. 

The MK Team works in unison with other non-profits including;    

  • Dignity Village, gleaned food donations and cooked over 7200 hot meals 
  • Blanchet House, a feeding station and substance abuse recovery center, served 30,000 meals in a 2 year period at
  • Potluck in the Park, Supporting work group serving an average of 500 meals every Sunday for the last 3 years.
  • Christmas Dinner for 1200 at the downtown YWCA
  • Sunshine Pantry, toy drive
  • Sisters of the Road, program support 
  • Loaves & Fishes, food moving
  • Saint Francis, food donations
  • Transitions Project, data entry
  • Rose Haven, womens center, plus size clothing

For more information about the Portland Mother’s Kitchen Team contact Arunima Menon arunimamenon@yahoo.com