Shelton, Washington

Welcome to the Shelton Satsang

Amma Shelton Satsang is a meditation group started in September 2013 and located in Mason County.  We meet on the second Saturday of every month from 1:00 pm.

The location can change from month to month so contact Amulya ( for the Satsang location.

Everyone from any spiritual or religious tradition is invited to join us, whether or not they have ever met Amma.  No previous training or experience is necessary to participate.  All are most welcome!

Satsang Program:

  • Invocation and mantra recitation
  • Satsang (spiritual stories or readings)
  • MA-OM meditation
  • Arati
  • Prayers for peace
  • Closing prayers
  • Prasad (sharing blessed food offerings)

For more information, please contact Amulya at

"It is difficult to remove darkness, but in the presence of light, darkness spontaneously disappears."  ~Amma