Vancouver, BC Satsang

Amma Video - Amma's North American Tour 2010

Mar 5, 2024 1:00pm-2:00pm (ended)

Video Summary

This video is of five different bhajans (devotional songs) in four different locations:

1. Kotah Tumi and Mera Mujh Me - Toronto, Ontario - 24 minutes

2. Devi Devi Devi - Albuquerque, New Mexico - 9 minutes 30 seconds

3. Kotha Tumi Jonani, Chicago Illinois - 10 minutes

4. Hari Narayana, Los Angeles California - 7 minutes

Total Length: 50 Minutes for all 4 segments

Discussion: Please stay for a chat/discussion after the video if you like.

Zoom Access: Please email Veda for Zoom access information.

No Copying: Please no copying of videos.