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AIMS Performs Double Hand Transplants

Amrita Hospital performs Double Hand Transplant
Manu has been hired by AIMS to rehabilitate other Transplant patients!

Amrita Hospital was started in 1998 out of Amma’s desire to provide compassionate, high-quality healthcare regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Since then, we have provided more than $85 million in charitable healthcare, and treated more than 4.1 million patients free of charge.

India’s very first two double hand transplants were carried out successfully at the Amrita Hospital, Kochi, in September 2014 and January 2015, respectively. Now, just over a year later, the lives of the first two recipients are returning to a new normal.

Three years ago, 30-year old rickshaw driver Manu was riding a train when he saw a group harassing a female passenger. He rose to confront them, and was violently pushed out of the running train. Tragically, he lost both his hands during the fall.

Abdul Rahim, also 30 years old, was a captain in Afghanistan’s Border Security Force. While on duty near the Afghanistan border, he attempted to diffuse a mine. It exploded, tearing off the lower end of both of his arms. Read more