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Amma initiates a humanitarian project as a part of Civil 20 India

Amma initiates 6.25 million USD humanitarian project as a part of Civil 20 India

The announcement was made as part of the Inauguration of India’s Civil 20 (C20), an official engagement group of India’s G20 leadership. 

Amma has initiated a ₹50 crore inr($6.25 million usd) project to support the welfare of people with disabilities and pregnant women who are malnourished. Work will take place in underdeveloped districts across India, as well as in other developing nations. The Ashram will collaborate closely with local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) with the purpose of bringing about a tangible change in the lives of its beneficiaries. Amma also hopes to establish this as an udahran for efficient and effective systems, which could subsequently be adopted by other CSOs and governments all over the world.

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