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Amma's 32nd visit to the land of the alps

Amma's 32nd visit to the land of the alps, Winterthur, Switzerland

Amma's third stop on the European tour was Winterthur, Switzerland. It was a busy weekend where people gathered from all 4 language regions of the country for a three day program.

On the first day, Amma was welcomed by his Excellency Mr. Sibi George, the Ambassador of India to Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Holy See. The Ambassador thanked Amma for her 32nd visit to "the land of the alps" and her tireless effort of spreading her message of love and peace around the world.

Nik Gugger, member of the Swiss National council and social entrepreneur, addressed the crowd during the formal function on the second day. "It is an honor to meet Amma for the second time. As I was visiting India this summer I was able to see firsthand Amma's huge contribution to preserving nature by implementing new waste management strategies, building toilets all around India and many more."

His Excellency, Rajiv Kumar Chander, the Ambassador of India to the United Nations and a veteran diplomat with over three decades of experience joined the stage, thanking Amma for her enormous contribution to "making the world a better place". 

Melanie Winiger, international actress, model and former Miss Switzerland who met Amma for the first time was deeply touched by the experience. "This meeting with Amma is an event that has enriched me and that I will forever carry in my heart.  I am completely overwhelmed by the experience".