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Amma's visit to London - 2019

Amma's program in London this year was held in Sandown Park, Esher Surrey on the 1st and 2nd of November. In the evening of the first day, there was a special program with some accomplished guests who participated and honored Amma's visit to London.

Here are some of the highlights from the evening:

Award of Times Higher Education to Chancellor Amma, as Amrita University was ranked the #1 Private University in India. Chief Data Officer Mr. Duncan Ross said that what he most appreciated about Amrita University is that it takes learning and knowledge out to communities around the world - "Because it’s not enough for universities just to excel. They need to be part of society. They need to reach out to the peoples across the world. In these times where we see walls being put up, they need to be truly global, in giving us hope for the future of humanity."

Lord Hastings gave an impassioned speech on Amma embodying true Love said "Jesus talked of the man who discovered that there was, in the middle of a field, a great treasure. So he buys the field, and he digs the whole thing up. Because the treasure is more important to discover than the protection and beauty of the field. What is the treasure God has implanted within us? Amma you will show thousands tonight and over these days, thousands, that the treasure is to love one another as we wish to be loved."

Actress Lisa Faulkner gave an emotional speech about her own journey to motherhood, saying that, "I felt that amazing connection to Mother Amma - that you don't have to be a mother to mother. To mother is a verb that transcends all gender, to mother is to love and to nurture unconditionally. Amma is that Love."