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Amrita Prayer Walk for Covid Relief Efforts

May 15th - June 22nd, 2021

Amrita Prayer Walk (May 15 - June 22)

Please join us! We need your support!

Embracing the World has initiated a Prayer walk fundraising drive for the Covid crisis in India. MA Math volunteers have been working tirelessly forming resource groups, providing medical aid, supplies, equipment, food distribution, emotional support etc.

Through the prayer walk we will be releasing the positive energy of mantras into the atmosphere as well as raising funds to help with all the relief efforts. At this crucial time, if we all come together to help we most definitely can make a difference. 

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Thousand Names in Thousand Steps

This is a fundraising and prayer effort for the covid victims especially in India, where this pandemic has taken a dreadful turn.

Become a Prayer Walker

A prayer walker is one who pledges to take each step with a divine name on his/her lips that is offered as a prayer for the relief of the covid victims.

Thousand steps is the magic number

A prayer walker takes a thousand steps or in multiples of thousand, either by resting in between or at a stretch.


A donor is one who pledges to donate towards a certain number of steps. This need not be of any particular person. It is more for the number of steps pledged or taken by the prayer walkers. Suggested donation is a dime per step.

You can also donate without registering as a Donor here Donate

Prayer walker and donor can be the same person

A prayer walker can also decide to donate at the same time.

Power of connection

Connect with other satsang members and stay motivated to take thousands of steps towards this cause.

What you can chant

You can either chant the Thousand names of the Divine Mother, or chant Om Namah Shivaya or Om Amriteshwaryai Namaha or Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu or your personal Guru Mantra a thousand times or in multiples of thousand.

Indoors or Outdoors

You can do your prayer walk either inside your own home, backyard or outside following social distancing and wearing your mask.

When can I start the Prayer Walk

The Amrita Prayer Walk was launched on May 15, 2021. You may start at anytime after Registration. You can coordinate a time with your friends and do the prayer walk or at your own convenience as an individual effort. 

Is registration necessary to do the prayer walk and donate

Although you can participate and donate without registering, we encourage you do so as it will allow us to track progress, which we will be posting online. This, in turn, will inspire others to join.

You are now ready!

What are you waiting for? Let us charge the atmosphere with thousands of Divine names and pledge for the cause.



Email us if you have any questions

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Covid-19 Relief Efforts in India

Amma has established several initiatives to face COVID-19:

  • Donation of funds to the Indian central and state governments to support their actions
  • Amrita, our university, has come up with many studies and inventions to help in battling the Covid situation
  • Numerous self-help groups (SHGs), who already lived in poverty, have been given special support
  • Amrita Hospital Expands Tele-Consultation Facilities Amrita Hospital launched its improvised tele-consultation services for those who are finding it difficult to travel due to COVID-19. Hassle Free Consultation with doctors from over 30 departments at Amrita is available through this service. Call: 0484 - 285 8000, 668 8000 CONSULTATION TIMINGS 8.30am to 4.30pm on All Working Days
  • Amrita Hospital in Kochi is at the forefront of care to Covid patients
  • The men's hostels at #Amritapuri Campus have been converted into the largest #COVID First-Line Treatment Centres (CFLTC) in the Kollam district. The 6 blocks will serve for Clappana, Kulasekharapuram, Thazhava, Thodiyoor, Oachira & Alappad Panchayaths and another block has been set aside for the charge officers and the medical team. 
  • Led by Swami Akshayamritananda, the Mata #Amritanandamayi Math at Mananthavady, Wayanad donated beds, bedsheets, other essentials and assured help to the Domicile #COVID Care Centre (DCCC) set-up at the Mananthavady Municipality.
  • Amrita Vidyalayam Vadakara has been given as the #COVID First-Line Treatment Centre (CFLTC). The center has 100+ beds and all other facilities including electricity, water supplies, adequate toilets etc.
    "#Amrita Vidyalayam and the Mata #Amritanandamayi Math is humbled and are happy to partner with the Vadakara municipality on this endeavour. We are committed to help the Govt. in all possible ways in this #COVID relief efforts" said Brahmacharini Abhijnanamrita Chaitanya
  • Embracing the World volunteers in Kuwait in collaboration with the Indian Embassy and other like-minded organizations have sent 210 Metric Ton Liquid Medical Oxygen & 1200 Oxygen Cylinders with the INS Shardul. Other medical supplies were also sent via the Indian Air Force flights.

     Details of Covid-19 Relief Efforts in India 


It will be difficult to read under the light of a zero watt bulb. But when many such bulbs are connected in a series, we will easily be able to read a book. Similarly when we pray as a group, though we may not be able to change the current situation 100% we certainly can influence it positively to a large degree. Such is the power of group prayer. - Amma