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An inspiration of Selfless Service - Ron Gottsegen passes away

Ron Gottsegen (1936 - 2022)

To our family of selfless service volunteers in North America,

Our precious and revered Ron Gottsegen passed from his earthly existence in Amritapuri, India. He passed away on Friday, October 7th morning (IST).  

We are overcome with gratitude for all the decades we have been inspired by and benefitted from Ronji’s presence, though our hearts are filled with the sense of great loss.  His example of true selfless service, unwavering dedication, humility, perseverance, and profound love for Amma’s philosophy of love and service will shine as a brilliant beacon for us as we travel our paths. 

Ronji had been instrumental in establishing Amma’s ashrams in North America, beginning with MA Center, San Ramon, California where he spent the first couple of decades after meeting Amma.  

Ronji has served in several impactful and crucial administrative roles, including as the President of the Board of MA Centers and Administrative Head of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. 

with prayers,
Om Peace Peace Peace