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Kerala Flood Relief Efforts

With torrential rains continuing to soak Kerala, Amma is giving Rs. 10 crores [$1,418,000 U.S.] to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

Embracing the World is also conducting night-and-day relief and medical camps, providing food, clothing and medical aid. Some areas are so flooded that the doctors have had to work from boats.

A 24-hour help-line has also been set up at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, manned by 130 student and faculty volunteers. The help number is: O4762805050.

“Each day we see the rain just keeps coming,” Amma said. “Each time it starts up again, we know it is causing more and more destruction. My heart goes out to those families who are losing their homes and dear ones. We want to help them in whatever way we can.”

The flooding is the worst in Kerala since 1924 and has caused dozens of landslides. The death count is rising each day. There has also been untold crop and property destruction.

“Nature is so out of balance these days,” Amma said. “We see very clearly how the climate is changing. In the non-rainy season, it often rains very heavily. The summers are getting longer and longer. In some places where it has never snowed before, suddenly snow is falling. Crops are failing. Trees do not bear fruit. We need to proceed carefully with the awareness that each of us has a responsibility to protect Mother Nature.

From planting trees and recycling to carpooling, to not using wasteful plastic—each of us must do our part and pray for God’s grace. These days it seems everyone is aware of their rights, but no one is aware of their responsibilities.”

In the past week, a medical team from Amrita Hospital has visited 13 Panchayats in Alappuzha district, providing 18 medical relief camps to said areas and serving 3618 patients. Twenty more such camps will be conducted in Alappuzha alone. In many places, the team has had to deliver service and medical assistance by boat as the areas are deeply flooded.

Another team of doctors and paramedics have been conducting medical camps in Wayanad district with the support of a telemedicine unit. The team will be conducting another 25 more camps in the hilly areas of North Kerala. Offering round the clock services, the team will remain until the flooding has abated.

Embracing the world volunteers are also distributing drinking water, bags of food, grocery, clothes, blankets and bed sheets to the affected people. The AYUDH team will also begin clean-up drives in the flood-affected areas starting Wednesday. More help will be planned out as the situation and needs are evaluated.

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