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Medical Relief Camps for Jammu and Kashmir Flood Survivors

October 2014, India

After devastating floods swept through the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, Embracing the World responded immediately, sending volunteers to the affected area to provide essential aid and to assess with local government officials the best way our efforts can support survivors of the floods. Within weeks of the initial assessment, Amma pledged a $4 million USD relief package that included construction of houses for those displaced by the flood, as well as monetary aid for widows, medical care and essential supplies. By October 6, our tertiary care hospital in Kochi, Amrita Hospital, had sent two telemedicine units equipped with health and relief facilities to the disaster zone.

Just days later, hundreds of Kashmir’s flood-victims thronged the medical relief camp we set up in the hard-hit Bandipore district. A team of 15 medical specialists and paramedics provided critical medical care to flood survivors in the worst-affected areas including Ashtingoo Ghat, Kulhama, Laharwalpora and Sumbal-Sonawari. Over 2,300 people were examined in less than seven hours. Read More