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The Mexico-Republic of India Friendship Group Meet

The Mexico-Republic of India Friendship Group, chaired by Deputy Salvador Caro Cabrera (MC), met with representatives of that nation's embassy led by Swami Dayamritananda Puri.

In a meeting of the friendship group, the deputy Caro Cabrera said that the objective is to promote dialogue through the body created by the Republic of India, the C20, a parallel group of the G20, whose purpose is to provide a space for civil society organizations around the world, to extend their contribution globally in favor of social innovation in the discussions of the Group of 20.

The C20 group, led by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, AMMA, has great expectations. "It is a great honor for us to start this exchange that we will continue in the next few days already in India," he said.

He highlighted his conviction that good public activity and politics are not done from the mind, from reason, but from the heart. "It is done from the heart because only from the heart can we understand that we are all one, and when we understand this, kindness and compassion become the motor of public life activity and that allows us to make a difference."

Guest participation

The representative of the Indian embassy in Mexico, Shruti Shukla, commented that Amma represents the true power of love. "Amma represents the intelligent love that can help us connect and solve the world's most complex problems". She invited the legislators to the International Women's Day celebration organized by the Cultural Center of India, which will take place on March 7.

  "Swami Dayamritananda Puri, Amma's representative for North and Central America, indicated that it is the first time a spiritual leader has been appointed as the Chair for the C20. He added that the C20 is an inclusive, transparent, and action-oriented group. Amma does not want to propose policies that do not include the experiences of the people and NGOs who work directly with underprivileged communities. Instead, she wants to draw inspiration from innovative NGOs that lead by example in G20 countries. These examples can later be implemented in their respective countries. The group will focus on work topics such as art, culture, transparency, environment, and lifestyle, among others. They will make recommendations to influence public policy."

After the meeting, Swami Dayamritananda and the group were introduced to the other deputies in the parliament of the Deputy Chamber by Deputy Marcella Guerra, the Vice President of the Chamber.