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mySangham - Gives hope to job seekers!

AMMACHI Labs is an academic and research center at Amrita University that brings an interdisciplinary approach to addressing societal challenges. As a Center of Excellence, we envision a world where technology is designed and used to empower people. We create innovative educational tools and skill development solutions to help uplift entire communities. In our commitment to rural villages of India

AMMACHI Labs has successfully deployed several projects in collaboration with top funding agencies.

mySangham is one of the many projects of AMMACHI Labs. mySangham is an online community and e-Learning portal which brings skill based education to novice computer users. It is a  massive learning exchange for job seekers to develop new skills in a vocation or trade, for potential employers to connect with apprentices in training, for teachers to share online courses, and for local employers to post job opportunities.

mySangham wins Facebook's Innovation Challenge Award in 2015!

Teach a Course

MySangham allows experts and content providers who want to share knowledge to create a course and teach online. Online teaching tools allow course providers to upload and share their content with the world.

Hands on Training

Hands on training is available at several training centers. Individuals with little or no computer experience can learn the basics. Facilitators will guide students through the learning process. Users develop confidence as they master technology skills. This blended approach in learning is a key factor in successful learning and retention.

Learn in your own Language

MySangham will break the barrier of language by being accessible in many languages. Courses are currently available in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and soon will be available in Telugu and Kannada. Even low-literacy populations will be able to learn through the visually engaging graphical interfaces.

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