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For the last 30 years, Amma’s devotees around the world have maintained websites introducing Amma’s life, teachings, and work, as well as ways to get involved locally with other devotees, from satsang to seva opportunities. These websites have been, and remain, critically important resources for the community of Amma’s devotees around the world. They are often the first stop for devotees looking to connect with each other, and most importantly, to connect with Amma–via learning about the latest news from Amma and her initiatives, reflecting on Amma’s words, seeing recent pictures of Amma, and finding out where Amma will be on any given day.

Each of these websites, in addition to featuring content about Amma, have an appropriate focus on regionally specific information most relevant to people living in a specific region, country, or continent. This has meant that there was no single website designed to serve an international audience as a central destination anyone in the world could visit to learn about Amma and get a comprehensive view of her life, teachings, and initiatives, along with access to the latest news and a pathway to find the group or center nearest to them.

Early in the pandemic, at the behest of Amma, Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri and Amma’s devotees from around the world came together to agree on a plan for this new international website. Nearly four years in the making, Amma’s children are finally ready to offer this new website to Amma, and to the world, in honor of her 70th birthday. The home on the web for this new website will be

That meant the U.S. Amma website needed a new home, to continue serving the people of the United States, and all of North America, in all the ways it has for decades. That new home is You can still do everything you have always done at; the only difference is in the website address. Any links you have saved should still work – they will automatically redirect to the new links at the new address.

Thank you for patience with any technical issues as we make this transition, and please do visit the new this October 3rd after it is unveiled during Amma’s 70th Birthday Celebrations.