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Ukraine Relief Efforts

Relief Efforts have already begun

Since the last few days, the volunteers of Embracing the World in Poland have been active in transporting hundreds of Indian students and other refugees crossing over at the Polish border to Warsaw by bus. Bearing the harsh winter, the volunteers have been stay put at the border, providing clothing, medicines, shoes, food, blankets, and other basic needs to those who reach the borders traveling long distances. Accommodation is also being arranged for those who do not have a shelter.

Embracing the World, which has a strong following in Poland in the form of Amma Polska Association (Amma Poland), has been very active in helping refugees of all nationalities fleeing the war-torn country of Ukraine. Amma’s volunteers have also been active in the Hungarian and Romanian borders.

Said Marcin Kroll, one of the volunteers of Amma Polska Association leading the rescue efforts: “Thousands of people are coming to Poland from Ukraine, escaping war. They are crowding the streets here. We are Amma’s children in Poland. When we saw the plight of these people, we immediately decided to extend all possible help. We are working closely with officials of the city of Łódź (in Poland) and the Łódź humanitarian aid center here in Poland. They are in constant touch with their counterparts in Ukrainian cities for Indians and other people needing to cross over to safety. When we got to know about the Indian students in Ukraine heading for the Polish border, we immediately got active, and safely escorted them all the way to Warsaw, and helping them with all their essential needs.”

Said Swami Shubhamritananda, who is coordinating the Embracing the World activities in Europe: “It is really inspiring to see the dedication of Amma’s volunteers in Poland, Hungary and Romania in helping all the refugees and students who have crossed over to this side of the border.”

To lend support to Amma Polska Association, volunteers from the Embracing the World in Germany are also making their way to the Polish borders.
Sreepriya and Rohit, working in Munich, have taken time off and volunteer at the Polish border. They remarked, “We are so happy that we can be of some service to our brothers and sisters crossing the border. They have gone through so much in the last few days. The spirit of the volunteers has been amazing.”

Embracing the World is a world-renowned spiritual, educational, and charitable organization established by the most revered Satguru, Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (also known as Amma).

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