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Thanksgiving Retreat - 2020

“The foundation of happiness is gratitude.” ~Amma

We thank all of you for your participation and support. The Thanksgiving Retreat was a big success. We hope to be able to serve you with more retreats going forward.

                        -----------------  THANK YOU! ------------------------------

This online spiritual retreat, led by Swami Dayamritananda Puri, Swami Shantamritananda Puri, and Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya provides time to reflect on cultivating Gratitude even during difficult times. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn to deepen our inner connection with Amma, especially when we are not able to be in her physical presence.

Online registration:

If you have an Amma Live account, you may use the same email address and password to sign in to register for the retreat.

The cost of the Retreat is $65 USD per person

Registration will close on Saturday, November 28 at 12 noon Pacific Time/ 3:00 pm Eastern Time.

If this price is prohibitive for you, please send an email to request the lower price option to:

Saturday November 28, 4 pm to 6:30 pm PST - 7 pm  to 9:30 pm EST
Sunday November 29,   7 am  to 6:30 pm PST - 8 am to 9:30 pm EST


The retreat will begin on Saturday at 4pm PST (7 pm EST) with a welcome talk by Amma’s disciples, followed by bhajans (devotional singing), and meditation.

On Sunday, you will have a choice of following either the West Coast Schedule or the East Coast Schedule. Participants of both programs will join together for special live sessions with Amma’s disciples. Both schedules will begin with early morning Amrita Yoga, followed by Archana (1,000 Names of the Divine Mother). A very restful time for contemplation is planned after that with a Q&A session. The day continues with gardening class through Amrita Virtual Academy and includes spiritual discourse, meditation, devotional singing, and more.

This special day will culminate with a puja ceremony for Amma's Birthstar that will be open to all and free to attend from 4 – 6:30 pm PST (7-9:30 pm EST). 

The Karthika Puja will be performed in traditional tantric style by Br. Ramanandamrita Chaitanya for Auspiciousness (sarvaishwarya) and World Peace,  dedicated to Amma. The program will also include group chanting, and devotional singing. 

No registration is required to attend. You may, however, register for a sankalpa (special intention) to be made during the puja on your behalf, or for a loved one. For Sankalpa Registration please click here.

The Karthika program will be broadcast on the MA Center East Coast YouTube Channel: The live stream will appear when it goes live on Sunday.

If you have any questions, please contact