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Amma's 2019 visit to MA Center San Ramon

San Ramon
June 9-14

Amma’s second stop of the North American tour took place at the beautiful MA Center in San Ramon, Amma’s first center in the United States. Once a barren landscape, the MA Center is now is a pure example of Amma’s vision to bring harmony to nature through sustainable and compassionate techniques for the cultivation of land and resources. Amma’s wish to plant 1000 fruit trees on the ashram grounds was finally realized when she blessed the 1000th sapling after the question and answer session at the retreat. Amma also fed the swans, geese and new goslings that reside in the ashram pond who lovingly flocked towards her.
During the question and answer Amma spoke a few words about nature, saying: “The creation and the Creator are not two, for when we see Mother Nature as the embodiment of God, we will automatically serve and protect her. There are sparks of love inherent in everyone and God’s grace is everywhere. Children, try and see the oneness in all of creation.

Amma playing dandia clappers
Question and answer session