Green Friends Projects in Michigan


The past year has been one of the most exciting and
accomplished in Amma Center Michigan history! The ACM community joined hands and hearts to serve as stewards of Amma's beautiful Michigan land to work together on projects that will help catapult ACM into the
field of model demonstration sites that strive to create prosperity in harmony with Mother Earth and all living things.

We planted a variety of more than 1,500 apple and fruit
trees with a 100% organic, integrated holistic orchard management approach.   We hosted workshops from experts, mentors and masters. We installed a 250 gallon compost tea brewer. We planted thousands of MI
Native species, medicinals, edibles, soil builders and other beneficial plants for insects, birds and bunnies.    ACM had 112 solar panels installed which fulfill all of our on-site energy needs (plus excess shared back to the grid). We grew community veggies in Amma's
garden. We worked together in the orchards and then all took a dive into the new pond to practice our swimming and sing Gayatri Mantra to the setting sun together...and so, so much more.

Thank you for these beautiful moments and for all those to come.  We express our eternal gratitude for these blessings and for our infinite connection and devotion to serving Amma and Mother Nature with so much
joy.  Please visit us at ACM any time to check on the progress of our on-site projects as we continue to grow, find a project to volunteer on, or just walk the beautiful grounds and reconnect with nature!