August 26, 2021 Michigan
Greenfriends at MA Center Michigan abounds in summertime activities! Although covid has kept the ashram off limits for group activities, individual sevites have been diligent in nurturing mother earth in meaningful ways. With Ammas guiding light, all of the many Greenfriends projects spring up and... more ›
August 24, 2021 Michigan
We conducted an intimate Satyanarayana puja during this month's full moon. May the punya (positive results) be shared with all of Amma's children!
August 10, 2021 Michigan
Our MA Center has become a safe sanctuary for monarch butterflies. The monarch butterfly population is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Left in the wild, 70% of the caterpillars will succumb to predators, whereas when raised indoors 70% of them will grow into butterflies. Over the last... more ›
July 31, 2021 Michigan
We completed our Food From Home day for July. It was a resounding success - we sold over 48 meals! This month's theme was Street Food Celebration. We served vegetable biriyanis, dhoklas, samosas, apple crisps (from our own apple orchard!), gooseberry jam, and spiced apple jam.  
July 23, 2021 Michigan
March 27, 2021 Michigan
March 20, 2021 Michigan
February 26, 2021 Michigan
February 13, 2021 Michigan
Thank you everyone who ordered for the Valentine's Day Food at Home MA Center Michigan Fundraiser.
January 28, 2021 Michigan