Food Rescue: Feb & Mar 2024

Young Amma Canada volunteers delivering food donations to Ancaster Food Bank

Amma Canada Food Rescue - Feb & Mar 2024

On Saturdays in February and March 2024, three Toronto volunteer drivers collected over 1400 lbs of useable food from Georgetown Bread Basket including canned foods, assorted breads, frozen sausages, and many boxes of non-perishables. The food was delivered to Brampton’s Knight Table who use most of donations in the preparation of 1500 plus meals served weekly, or distribute them directly to their clients.

Amma Toronto Satsang also collected assorted non-perishable food donations from members over the winter. A donation of over 50 lbs was made to Ancaster Food Bank in honour of Vishu, the Keralan New Year.

Our small efforts keep useable food from landfill and helps feed the overwhelming number of guests accessing the Brampton Knights Table. Thank you to our volunteer drivers for their continued dedication! For more information or to join Amma Canada's Food Rescue Project, contact Mahita or Nandini Melody, or email

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Amma Canada volunteer with food donations loaded in her car