Fremont Satsang (Fremont, UnionCity, Newark) CA Fremont, CA

Welcome to the Fremont Satsang

Fremont Satsang group actively participates in the projects, events and gatherings at MA Center, San Ramon. We meet every month locally to chant archana, sing bhajans and share/read Amma stories. We practice bhajans to perform during Amma tours. We also participate in group dances in San Ramon ashram during Amma tours.


We regularly contribute and participate in the bake sale at MA Center, during Saturday satsang, to raise funds for Amma's charitable activities.


Satsang members also participate in community projects outside the ashram, such as homeless feeding


If you live in or around Fremont and need a ride to the Ashram, for Saturday programs or when Amma is here, one of us will be most happy to give you a ride.


For additional information please contact Maya via email:


We also have a mailing list that keeps us connected with the ongoing local activities as well as the activities and events at MA Center.