San Jose, CA San Jose, California

Welcome to the South Bay Satsang

Our group actively participates in the projects, events and gatherings at the MA Center, San Ramon. Locally, we meet to practice devotional singing, bajans, in either San Jose, Santa Clara or Campbell. We also run a Mother's Kitchen Project in San Jose and conduct a children's program, Amrita Bala Kendra, that meets in Sunnyvale.

Our Mother's Kitchen Project

We cook and serve nutritious & wholesome vegetarian meal at Family Supportive Housing Shelter in San Jose once a month. The menu includes a main dish, colorful salad, cut fruits, side vegetables, bread and cookies or sweets. We have been serving Italian, Mexican menu and we have a plan to introduce Indian and other cuisines this year. The cooking and serving takes place between 3pm and 6.30pm on a weekend. We are planning to extend it to other shelter this year.

We also prepare sandwiches that are dropped off by a volunteer at St. Joseph's Cathedral in downtown San Jose and prepare meals for a local shelter for families.

Devotees cook nutritious vegetarian meals and take food and basic supplies, such as warm clothing, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, etc., to homeless encampments in downtown San Jose every Thursday.

For more information, contact either Bhaskar or Ganga.