Come Stay at MA Center Chicago

a photo montage of Swami Shantamritananda Puri, a harmonium, flowers and children

Staying at MA Center Chicago

"When the deep, spiritual yearning of the disciple basks in the effulgence of the Guru’s grace, an ashram is born. There one grows in peace and harmony.” ~Amma

MA Center Chicago, located on a beautiful 142-acre campus, was formed in July of 2012. MA Center Chicago is one of a handful of Amma's ashrams around the word where you can participate in daily spiritual practices, weekly satsang, and many other programs. The Center offers personal retreats to those who wish to deepen their practice. Here is your chance to stay in a spiritually vibrant community that embraces a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living while embracing the spiritual principles and teachings of Amma. Ashram residents benefit from the many spiritual activities at MA Center Chicago, including daily archana, bhajans, spiritual discourses, Bhagavad Gita classes, silent meditation retreats, pujas and homas, guided meditation, yoga, and our youth programs (ABK/Amrita Bala Kendra and AYUDH), as well as volunteering/selfless service opportunities. 

Daily group spiritual practices/sadhana activities are as follows:

6:00 pm: Amma's White Flower Meditation
6:30 pm: Daily bhajans, followed by closing prayers, arati, and prasad

MA Center Chicago visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of our campus, peruse the many spiritual books available in our library, and participate in our daily and other programs. As a visitor, your time is self-directed. You are welcome to participate in all of some of the activities held here or follow your own practice and schedule. Click here to learn about our other regularly scheduled programs. To view our upcoming events, click here.

To inquire about short-term and long-term stays at MA Center Chicago or about living at MA Center Chicago, send an email with your request to