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MA Center LA in Redondo Beach, California


Redondo Beach, California 
Amma’s Charitable and Community Organization
The MA Center LA was inaugurated on Jan 21st, 2014. The new community center is part of the United Nations affiliated NGO, Embracing the World (ETW), a charitable outreach organization founded by Mata Amritanandamayi (popularly known as "Amma"), the celebrated spiritual leader and humanitarian.
A newly refurbished art deco landmark, the MA Center LA (128 S. Catalina Avenue) is one of the oldest buildings in Redondo Beach. MA Center LA aims to become a vibrant hub for advancing humanitarian activities and community service throughout Southern California.

The MA Center LA in Redondo Beach California will be offering

Community support
Environmental initiatives
Programs for the youth and the elderly
Music and the arts
Yoga, meditation and healthy living classes
Retreats and special events


MA Center LA is serving about 1,100 meals per month to the needy, distributed in Santa Monica, the Westwood VA, and downtown LA.
IAM - Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique® - classes
Beach cleanup drives
Music evenings and classes