Amrita Prayer Walk Fundraiser for COVID Relief Efforts

Embracing the World is initiating Amrita Prayer Walk fundraising drive
to help the COVID crisis victims in India.

Amma’s volunteers have been working tirelessly to help bring relief to those suffering from COVID-19 and its ramifications. Efforts include forming resource groups, providing medical aid, supplies, equipment, food distribution and emotional support for patients, their families and the community at large. Read the report here >

The Amrita Prayer Walker pledges to take each step with a divine name on his/her lips as a prayer for the COVID victims, spreading the positive energy of mantras into the atmosphere. The Donor pledges to donate towards a certain number of steps. A Prayer Walker can be a Donor as well. For more details visit
Watch the video >

Contact if you have questions.

Pledge to be a Prayer Walker - Make a difference!