Would you like to Volunteer? The Seva Desk is Open!

"Love simply flows. Whoever is willing to take the plunge and dive in will be accepted as they are." -Amma 
"Seva" = Selfless Service 
Check out the VOLUNTEER /Seva website below.
Jul 12th Set Up Day: https://seva.macenters.org/go?k=VSZm1QCv 
We need everyones help to set up the entire program for Amma's Visit

Jul 13th Public Program: https://seva.macenters.org/go?k=9I1e9EX5 

Jul 14, 15, 16TH Retreat: https://seva.macenters.org/go?k=JeHMFe8D 

Jul 16th Public Program: https://seva.macenters.org/go?k=Uzce1NcC 

Questions please reply to: seva@la.macenters.org

Only staying for a few hours during Amma's Program? There's still opportunity for Selfless Service!
We have many Seva positions that are only 60 minutes in length.
Visit the Seva Desk inside the Main Program Hall.
The volunteers at the Desk can get you started with Ammashop security,
Firelane monitoring, Water Station, Flower Bucket running to name a few.
Serving selflessly is a fun way to participate in the Program and become an embodiment of Amma's message of "Love All, Serve All."
The Seva Desk also needs Volunteers during Retreat Evening Programs on Sunday July 14th &  Monday the 15th and on Tuesday night Public Program on July 16!
Experience the Fun and Bliss of Selfless Service! Contact: seva@la.macenters.org