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If the bhajan is sung with one‑pointedness, it is beneficial for the singer, the listeners, and Nature as well. Later when the listeners reflect on the songs, they will try to live in accordance with the lessons enunciated therein.”-Amma


Amongst the saints, many were highly proficient musicians. Bhajans, hymns and music were part and parcel of their lives. From Meerabhai to Saint Tukaram to Amma, music was the essence of their lives. Their longing for God, the import of having a human life and their teachings all came through such music. They transformed the ordinary into the divine.

Music is the bridge between the known and the unknown––from the abstract to the real and physical. It is the best medium to engage the mind––in order to take it beyond the known––the mind has to go beyond the known to merge in the unknown. Even if there is structure in music, as Amma points out, if we sing with devotion, forgetting everything, our mind can indeed explore those unreachable realms. To reach such a state the musician needs some proficiency in music like the pitch, rhythm etc. Here we are undertaking a journey to learn the basics of music, so that these fundamental principles can be practiced and at the same time, we can go beyond the constraints of the rules of music.

Swami Dayamritananda Puri

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